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Florence in rain ..


Florence, Italy

In the silence , In the rain
Through the quietest chambers
Thinking again  ..
What is my reason to be ?
Where is my way ?
Why this quest for an unknown,
Remains unanswered day after day ?

What is that the mind seeks ?
Where is my heart to be ?
Why is it so distant ,so far
Seemingly beyond my reach ?

In the silence , In the rain
Through the quietest chambers
Thinking again  ..

A cold day in November , Florence lay spread out in an extent of red-brown roofs against the cloudy sky. Dawn softly lightened the narrow band of grey between the rooftops.The streets were still wet from the night before .The air ,still damp and cold.


A rainy morning in Florence

I stepped out in the cold winter morning to see what Florence looks like when it glistens.It contained several narrow  streets all very like one another.Given the rain,there wasn’t the usual congestion.Layered with history and lined with classy cafes , this ancient medieval town was indeed charming !

I felt a few rain drops on my head and hastened my steps towards Firenze’s iconic landmark –  Duomo,the cathedral .Covered with a breathtaking mix of pink,white and green marble , the interiors of this marveling beauty are contrastingly stark and plain.It’s dark and cool inside with minimal decorations .Other than a fresco on the ceiling depicting the Last Judgement, the place is vastly austere .The floor has some intricate mosaic patterns but that’s it.It left me puzzled.Why would a place so beautiful and aesthetic on the outside be so unostentatious on the inside ? What did all of this imply ? Was it to direct the mind of the seeker away from the temptation to the deepest chambers of ones soul ? Did all of this have a meaning ?


A side view of Firenze’s Duomo


The front facade of Duomo


Fresco on the ceiling in Duomo – The Last Judgement

Still contemplating on the idea ,I climbed up to the very top of the bell tower to capture views of this magnificent city and the cathedral’s dome in particular .


View of the Cupola from the Bell Tower


Views of the city of Florence from the Bell Tower

There was something about the Duomo , that made me feel I belonged there.As if I had found it at last and come home.I don’t know what it was but for the first time, I entered a place in the spirit of a worshiper ,and not that of a sightseer, hoping that my quest for the unknown will end.
In the silence , In the rain
Through the quietest chambers
Thinking again ..

@ the Duomo , Florence

@ the Duomo , Florence


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