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Letter from Pizza Romana to Pizza Napoletana …

Dear  Thin-crusted Napoletana ,

People around me have praised you, told stories about you , dreamed about you ,yearned for you and that’s perfectly fine by me .You can take all the attention you want . I get it.You deserve it.It doesn’t make me feel any less worthy or unlovable.I’m confident.I believe in myself and I know people believe in me too.They don’t have to choose between us.They can have the best of both worlds.

You are thin and chewy ;charred and topped with the Classic Marinara sauce, buffalo mozzarella and fresh basil leaves.I admire and appreciate that.Trust me ,it doesn’t scare me at all.I’m just a different looking and tasting pie.


The famous thin crusted Napoletana pizza

My dear Napoletana , we can have our differences and still be friends.Can’t we ?

You could be round , I, squarish. You could be thin, I, thick.You could be nicely charred and crusty, I, heartily moist and flavorful! You could be fermented just once, I  thrice.While you get the same ole toppings, I carry creative experiments on me.You pull off traditional flavors gracefully, while I get to try something bold and big !I may not be as elegant as you are but I offer a burst of taste that is incomparable.

The multitude of topping on Roman Pizza slices


For all those who carry a sweet tooth : They have a Nuttella filled Roman Pizza as well !!


My picks for the evening 🙂 Don’t JUDGE me !!

Put anything on me …be it a medley of garden grown veggies or heavy meats like sausages and salamis ;spatter me with well-seasoned sauces or load me with cheese ,I am AMAZING and will taste AMAZING  with every bite. Try Me  !

Yours truly,
Doughy Roman

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