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Roman Holiday …


Rome ,Italy

My trip to Rome was inspired by the all time classic ‘Roman Holiday’.Incase you haven’t seen the film or in case you have and need a refresher ,here’s a little background to fill the gaps.

Roman Holiday is a 1953 American romantic comedy. It stars Gregory Peck (Bradley) as a reporter and Audrey Hepburn (Ann) as a royal princess who is on a public visit across Europe.In Rome she becomes frustrated with her tightly scheduled life and secretly leaves her country’s embassy for a day .The movie is then about her experiences as she explores the nooks and crannies of Rome.


So here I was at the Leonardo da Vinci airport of Rome (Fiumicino) all set to have my very own exclusive Vacanze Romane !

I hailed a cab and off I was to Stop 1 : Trevi Fountain.

In the movie , Bradely the reporter follows Princess Ann  to Trevi Fountain where she enters a barber shop for a hair do.


Princess Ann ( Audrey Hepburn ) from Roman Holiday – Before and After the hair cut

Unlike Princess Ann who got a haircut , I headed there to toss a coin.Legend of Trevi Fountain says you should stand with your back to the fountain and toss a coin over your left shoulder to guarantee a return trip to Rome.Another legend says if a couple drinks from the “small fountain of lovers”, they will be forever faithful to their partner.Since I was solo traveling , I threw in one coin.This ways I saved myself a spot for my return trip and if that happened to be with my significant other ,I would make him drink from the fountain 🙂 . There we go ,two birds with one stone !


(Left) Shot from Roman Holiday :Gregory Peck (Bradley) luring a school girl into giving him, her camera so that he can secretly capture images of Audrey Hepburn (Princess Ann). (Right ) Me at Trevi Fountain.

After the snazzy hairdo , Ann heads to Spanish steps and treats herself to a gelato. This is where Bradley acting all casual, bumps into her and offers to show around Rome with  an obvious vested interest of interviewing her.


Shot from Roman Holiday :Princess Ann (Audrey Hepburn) enjoying her gelato. Bradley (Gregroy Peck) offering the Princess to show around Rome

Alright alright ! Yes ,I headed to Spanish Steps and yes, I ate a gelato too but no, I didn’t meet Mr. Bradley there.Spanish steps are indeed quite unique.They have this butterfly plan to themselves. I can see why it inspires writers ,artists and tourists to flock here.Swamped with people during the day , the steps almost go to sleep at night.I climbed up and sat there finishing my gelato .


Spanish Steps during day time and night time

On my way down , I grabbed another one and made way to the emblem of Rome,Colosseum.

No trip to Rome is complete without a visit to the iconic Colosseum.This magnificent structure with serried ranks of arches and columns is indeed a beauty !


Colosseum Moments

I remember spending quite some time there , marveling every stone , every arch , every alley .I wondered how this imperial globe was home to such gruesome encounters. I wondered what would it be to see death right in the eye, that too in the eye of a carnivorous beast ! The taste of gelato faded away from my tongue. My spirits dampened. Flooded with thoughts , I left the Colosseum and moments later , it started raining . The deadened spirit within me livened 🙂 I switched right back into my ‘Roman Holiday’ mood ! “Where next ?”, I said to myself , and off I was to the one and only ‘Mouth of truth’ !

One of the film’s most unforgettable locations was the Mouth of Truth (Bocca della Verita), the carved stone face which supposedly bites the hands off liars. This is where Bradley teases the Princess by pulling out his, apparently, handless arm.

romanhol6I had a gummy smile across my face when I saw this mysteriously faced ancient drain cover. Although aware of the myth, I decided not to take my chances . Yeah yeah ,think whatever ! Say whatever ! This is me . Pansy me ! 😛

Night had set in .I decided to find my way back to the hostel.I had had quite a start to Rome.The movie was, after all, a day in the life of a woman finally being able to do the things that she always wanted.I realized that for me, this was just the beginning. Beginning of my Roman Holiday …

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