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Story of my life …


Sainte Chapelle ,Paris

They could have had me clear,
infusing the space with abundance.
They could have had me opaque,
voiding the darkness within even more.
They could have chosen to not have me at all,
shutting the doors at me .
Instead they had me multicolored,
allowing light to shed and fall.
Sometimes I’m tints of red ,orange ,yellow
Other times I’m shades of blues and green.
Sometimes I feel I’m on the brink of self-discovery,
the remainder, I’m a stranger to myself.
My job is not to direct anything ,
but only to filter.
Some strong & independent from one another,
Others melting their destinies with each other.
And there you have me .
This is how I live my life.
My answer is destiny,
My guide is joy.

Yours truly ,
Stained-glass window

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