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Lock up your love …


Pont des Arts ( Love Lock Bridge ), Paris
After relaxing in the shade on a bench behind the magnificent Notre Dame, I headed south on my way to the Latin Quarter over the lovely Pont des Arts covered in Locks of Love.As I was walking across the ‘Love Lock’ bridge , I wondered what was it that made the act of a locking padlocks to a bridge and throwing the key in the river , look so pure , so selfless , so ever giving , so truthful ? Why did my heart want to believe that there could be eternal love ? That these people could be each other’s soul mates .That fairy tales could not just happen in movies but in real life .That love could be accepting and encompassing so as to embrace two individuals in totality ; boundless and limitless so as to have no clauses or preconditions ;surrendering and humble so as to dissolve all egos to keep their togetherness above all.

Was it my own yearning or was it the Parisian charm casting a spell on me ?


At the Love Lock Bridge .Notre dame in the background.

It could very well be the endless walks along the serene waters of Seine or the sidewalk cafes serving fresh nutella and banana crepes .It could be the galleries , the theaters ,the boulevards , the medieval streets , so versatile and enchanting; or the Eiffel tower all aglow at night.It could be those cupid struck couples walking hands in hands , looking into each other’s eyes or the way those well-groomed French men uttered incomprehensible sugary words from their mouth.It could also be that I had wine way too early during the day and that all of this was the wine talking. 🙂

I crossed the love lock bridge and headed to Berthillon wanting to end my mushy endless love craving with some sugar-load .If you have only one ice cream cone in Paris, make sure it comes from Berthillon.


Grabbing a scoop of ice cream at Berthillon

After satiating and tantalizing my taste buds, I headed to the nearest subway and made my way back to the hostel.That night while going to bed , I tried recollecting my day.I couldn’t put my finger on any of my well contested reasonings .All I knew was that there was something about Paris that contained so much beauty , serenity , simplicity  and grace that my heart had no choice but to give in and embrace the thought that true romance could blossom and very well could blossom in the ‘City of Lights’ , especially if you have had wine on a cold wintry afternoon 😛

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