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It was a rather silent evening …


Even silence has a sound , if you are keen on listening.

Ever wondered how silent is a snow fall ?
Bit by bit gently covering the ground.
Flake by flake delicately balancing itself on every blade of grass.
Little by little falling persistently.
Without a word , without a noise , unhurried.
Silently, weightlessly, calmly .
Quietly settling on everything it touches.
On that rusty old wooden bench in the park.
On those shriveled branches of leaf less trees.
Atop the cold withered seat of that abandoned bike,
Leave aside the snooty head of the red fire hydrant by the pavement .
It doesn’t even spare the strands of wool in that fluffy pink cap.
So gentle and gracious is its touch that it fights none ,faces no resistance.
Nothing around it attempts to escape.
It just falls and stays .
Content and grey.
And gradually everything around it unifies with its whiteness and silence.

I quietly sat at the foot steps of the Opera (Palais Garnier),reflecting on the magnificence with which the day unfolded itself.I extended by legs out hoping the pain they with held would drain through the marble steps.My feet yearned for a hot water dip.My eyes were glued to the marveling beauty of the Opera house carefully admiring the minutest of architectural detail .For a brief moment my focus shifted to the scanty crowd around me.Some just enjoying the laid back evening with a smoke in hand ;some with shopping bags and coffee , taking a much needed break ; others just catching up with friends after school.Soon after,I went back to my thoughts and even sooner my gathered audience dispersed .I decided it was time to head back.

On the way I saw a bedazzling building that glittered with all these ‘Ohh-so-many’ lights that adorned it .It read Gallery Lafeyette ( a.k.a Harrods of France ).  Closed at that time of the hour , it was still quite a crowd puller.Amidst kids riding their daddy’s tall shoulders, I caught a few glimpses of the innovative illuminating Christmas exhibits.I tip toed from one exhibit to another ,smiling to myself wishing to share my child like excitement with someone.

My legs that had recuperated just enough to make it back reminded me that it was time but my mind had a different calling.It drifted me to what my eyes fell for at first sight.Moments later , I found myself in the courtyard of Louvre.The atmosphere was quieter than what I had expected.Not many people were around other than a few souvenir men trying to make their day’s last sale and lovers having their evening trysts.

I stood there in front of the glass pyramids just soaking the beauty in .The sheer simplicity and honesty with which they stood is what captivated me – bang in the middle yet not screaming for attention , rather claiming their rightful place with grace and elegance bringing about a grandeur that wouldn’t have existed with out them.

I strolled in the courtyard with hands in my pockets , head slightly bent down , taking easy relaxed strides , becoming at one with everything around me.I was no longer anxious to check for the time, no longer worried about not being able to catch the metro, no more hesitant about getting pick pocketed, no longer reflecting on the day , no longer planning for the upcoming events.Nothing excited me, scared me,bemused me,confused me,captivated me , frustrated me or hesitated me.  When the silence became me , I became silent.

It was a rather silent evening ….

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