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A love affair …


Eiffel Tower, Paris

Some one rightly said either visit Paris with a lover or fall in love while in Paris.Since I was solo traveling , the latter was bound to happen.

I woke up to a wind chill that slipped through the open window crack.A battle in my head began – whether to get out of my warm cozy bed and close the damn thing which meant giving up on my morning sleep or huddle myself in a corner in child’s pose and continue sleeping.5 minutes later I found my feet carefully touching the cold wooden floor reluctantly dragging me out and finding their way to the window.I didn’t have much of a say in it anyway.I stood by the window for a minute and sensed dampness in the air.It felt good.I looked down and noticed wet streets and then figured that it had been drizzling.Cloudy skies with a probability of showers said my weather report.It was going to be a cold day.

Headed to the 4X4 bathroom to tactfully perform my morning chores.Got ready ,slipped my thick warm red jacket on , laced my shoe strings ,strapped my watch which read 7:30 am and was all set to step out.

On my way to the metro,I saw a local boulangerie .The bakery’s window flaunted its simple yet warm and inviting presence,with shelves stacked with all kinds of loaves and a front counter heaving with plates of freshly baked cakes, croissants (both plain and almond), slices, danishes, biscuits and muffins.The waft of freshly baked bread filtered into the air as I approached it.I had a tickling in my nostrils.As I stood there staring at the mouth watering divinity ,I realized that holding off to this temptation was futile.I was bound to give in and so I did 🙂 .I opened the door and stepped in.

I went around dazed and confused as to what to pick.Footsteps behind me followed by a local voice approached “Would you like some bread ma’am?” I turned around, somewhat startled as I didn’t wish to seem like a trespasser, to find the voice belonged to a young man.We exchanged a big broad smile and he helped me pick a danish and a croissant.I paid my way and on I plodded with my bag to the station.While leaving I heard him say ,” Tomorrow , just follow the smell” :).

By the time I had reached the station, my rolls had been munched away , making the most of its immediate freshness ! Ah ! That indescribable feeling of satisfaction ! 😀

I reached the ticket counter and asked the lady on the other side of the ‘mouse bill’ on how to get to Eiffel Tower. She handed off a pocket metro map to me and directed me to get off Ecole Miltare station.

Ecole Miltare …Ah !!  The place screamed Eiffel Tower ! The air smelt Eiffel Tower ! and within seconds I recouped to my element .I stepped out of the metro and looked around to see if I could spot her from a distance.My eagerness paralleled that of a lover waiting to meet his beloved.Butterflies in the stomach, an astounding feeling of nervousness , an uncanny excitement .I had it all.I turned my head around and voila ! There she was .Amidst all the buildings ,I got a glimpse of her crown .That was it for me.Henceforth I didn’t need directions. I didn’t even bother looking for signs.My feet sprung from one street to the other.With every glance , I felt I was inching closer to her.There was this unspoken,incomprehensible magnetic pull.I couldn’t rationalize what I was feeling and why I was doing what I was doing.I found my heart thumping and pounding very hard , my nervousness growing , my excitement about to shoot through the roof ! and then …and then , a few mighty moments later …We stood right in front of each other … exchanging our very first glances.My eyes stayed fixated at her for quite sometime. There was this distance between us which I purposefully wanted to cover as slowly and carefully as possible .. She seemed so delicate , so beautiful , so pristine , so lady like that I wanted to soak it all in . With every blink , I was even more awestruck by her elegance . With every step that I took towards her, I became even fonder of her grace .With every breath I took , I grew even more foolishly eager to inhale her scent.


But she , she just kept standing there ,tall and confident,toffee nosed,not budging from her stance, so aware of her worthiness and uppity .My eyes carefully shifted focus from her persona to her bronze evening gown draping off her shoulders ,casting a magical spell on everything that surrounded her, saw her or touched her.I felt like a prince dying to ask her out for a dance.My head started singing this song from the movie, ‘My Fair Lady’.

” I could have danced all night!
I could have danced all night!
And still have begged for more.
I could have spread my wings
And done a thousand things I’ve never done before.
I’ll never know What made it so exciting;
Why all at once My heart took flight. I only know when he
Began to dance with me I could have danced,
danced, danced all night!  “

I needed someone to pinch me , to tell me that this was reality , that this wasn’t a dream , that I was really seeing what I was seeing.Her beauty became overwhelming.I just stood there royally smitten.I knew there was no way I could undo what I felt.I quietly approached her and figured it was me who had to take the lead .That I had to step up and politely ask the lady.To that I surrendered and walked up the stairs for our first dance…


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